Apache Authentication with eBox openLDAP

I’m using eBox to manage my server. eBox was mind for enterprise networks, but dns and email modules are very useful for a internet server.

eBox manages email users with openLDAP (slapd), so I wanted all the services in my server to use the same authentication.

This is the general configuration for apache authenticating with eBox, wich I use for my SVN repositories:

# LDAP Authentication & Authorization is final; do not check other databases
AuthzLDAPAuthoritative on

# Do basic password authentication in the clear
AuthType basic
AuthBasicProvider ldap

# The name of the protected area or "realm"
AuthName "Triangulo de las merluzas Subversion Repositories"

# Active Directory requires an authenticating DN to access records
# This is the DN used to bind to the directory service
# This is an Active Directory user account
AuthLDAPBindDN "cn=admin,dc=ebox"

# This is the password for the AuthLDAPBindDN user in Active Directory
AuthLDAPBindPassword "secret"

# Group Configuration
AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN off
AuthLDAPGroupAttribute memberUid

# The LDAP query URL
AuthLDAPURL  "ldap://localhost:389/ou=Users,dc=ebox?uid"

# Require authentication for this Location.
# In this case, only developers can use the repository.
Require ldap-group cn=developers,ou=Groups,dc=ebox

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