gems – Terminal Broadcasting

We had a issue for the next Warp Talk. All the talk will be done with a shell as presentation tool. But people won’t see the text on the shell trough the cam, as it resolution is limited.

Isaac have found vía Debian package of the day Gems.

Gems allows exactly what we need, broadcast a terminal by tcp/ip. Screen would be the first thought, but a ssh connection from unknown people was needed :S.

To use gems, install it:

$ sudo aptitude install gems

If you want to broadcast a terminal, you type on that terminal:

golo@Macluzo:~$ gems-server -port 9999
gems-server initialized.

And now, you are broadcasting.

If you want to observe a terminal, type:

golo@Macluzo:~$ gems-client localhost 9999
gems-client: Connection established -- Press 'q' to exit.

Notice that localhost should be changed to the server’s host :D.

If you plain to attend this talk, follow our Twitter. We’ll publish server’s public address and port there.

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