2012-11-04 My brother’s birthday / The Assault


Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, we celebrated it today with my brothers, parent’s and grandma at “Mery Limón”.

Uff, I cannot move. I’m drunk, and full. Good food, some dishes were strange, but that’s the deal with experimental cooking. Good wine!


This photo corresponds to a wall near to the restaurant.

Once a year there’s a competition in Zaragoza, the “Asalto” (assault). Wall painters from around the world come to Zaragoza and leave their art on the walls of the city.

It’s awesome to take a walk through the oldest streets of the city and discover this pieces of art in hidden corners.


My favourite one is this one with a squirrel mixed with a billboard. The billboard is like an x-ray machine showing the squirrel’s skeleton.

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