2012-11-04 My brother’s birthday / The Assault


Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, we celebrated it today with my brothers, parent’s and grandma at “Mery Limón”.

Uff, I cannot move. I’m drunk, and full. Good food, some dishes were strange, but that’s the deal with experimental cooking. Good wine!


This photo corresponds to a wall near to the restaurant.

Once a year there’s a competition in Zaragoza, the “Asalto” (assault). Wall painters from around the world come to Zaragoza and leave their art on the walls of the city.

It’s awesome to take a walk through the oldest streets of the city and discover this pieces of art in hidden corners.


My favourite one is this one with a squirrel mixed with a billboard. The billboard is like an x-ray machine showing the squirrel’s skeleton.

2012-11-02 Welcome iPad mini

So, finally I bought an iPad (mini).

I should stop spending my money.


I’m quite surprised, as I’m using the iPad more than I thought. Painting, writing, reading, web browsing. Now I’m just searching for the right apps.


Right now I’m testing Paper. Great interface, great results. I just have to practice a lot.

After trying digital tablets (wacom bamboo), it’s refreshing to draw on the ipad. It could seem a tiny detail, but seeing your hand at the same time than the drawing is a HUGE improvement.

What I miss on Paper (maybe it’s an iPad limitation) is the lack of pressure sensitivity, and the bad precision of the touches while drawing. I hope it can be solvable with practice.

About the iPad mini… It’s the perfect size (at least for me). Interface doesn’t seem small at all, it’s really light (it could be better), and I’m not missing the retina display (as much as in the iPad 2).

New Stage

After all the changes in my life in the late months, I wanted to keep track of what’s going on on my life. Since twitter killed my blog (I’m too lazy), and I’m unable to write on a diary / moleskine / notebook, I’m gonna try using Day One.


The implementation of Day One is quite cool, as you already have photos os each day, just write a little comment about one of them. Cool way to remember.


If I have many pics from one day, I always can use Diptic to create a composition.

Well, let’s see in a few days if I succeed!