First Warp Talks

Warp Talks

2009 Starts quite interesantly.

This Monday took place the first Warp Talks, a project of training between employees at Warp Networks. The last Monday of the month will take place a new Warp Talk.

koke and me where the first speakers.

I made an introduction to subversion, and he did a talk about 10 things you might not know about MySQL.

Koke took a camera and recorded our talks at the same time they were being broadcasted at Videos are available at vimeo (spanish):

MySQL Customer Conferences @ London 2008

After my awful Drunken-Blogging experiment, i’m gonna try to write a real post.

This Thursday, Koke and me attended the MySQL Conference at London. Talks were customer oriented, that’s great for me as I’m used to a developer vision of MySQL, and i’ll have to talk to customers in training sessions.

There was some things that everyone was repeating on every talk. Replication, backup, high availability and sacalbility. I’m sure that I’ll be asked about those things while training.

Another interesting thing to know were the MySQL release plans. It’s supposed that 5.1 will be released at the end of this year, and 6.0 at the end of the next. Falcon will be the new storage engine included in 6.0, it’s supposed to work in most use-cases where InnoDB is working now.

On the last talk, they showed some benchmarking results. They was bit surprising. The conclusion was that 4 virtualiced mysql servers can be faster than only one non-virtualized server on the same machine.

Well, now that this Conference is over, I’m starting the countdown to the MySQL Conference 2009 at California.

Día del software libre 2008

Igual que han hecho mis amigos eckelon y koke, procedo a hablaros del Día del software libre en Zaragoza 2008 que se celebra este Sábado (18 Octubre).

Habrá actividades para todas las edades. Los niños (y espero que los no tan niños también) harán lámparas USB. Los jóvenes tendrán ordenadores con videojuegos libres. Los mayores explicarán cómo han aprendido a usar los ordenadores con Linux. Ecks estará ayudando a instalar linux en los ordenadores. Podrás informarte sobre el nuevo servicio de difusión del software libre y acudir a las numerosas charlas que hay en el programa.

También habrá ponche y galletas.

¡¡Nos vemos de 11 a 19 en la carpa de la plaza del pilar!!

Más Info:
Dia del Software Libre en Zaragoza